This is Web 0.3

Welcome to my foray into Webdom. Or the WebDome…It’s kinda like thunderdome, but nobody dies and it isn’t very interesting. I guess in that last respect, it is a lot like thunderdome.

Anyhoo, I have avoided doing a Webpage for years and years because I have always thought it was really, really, really stupid. Ever since the Web went “public,” I have compared it to CB radio… something that had existed and was usefully for ages before it fell into the hands of the masses, but became a cultural phenomenon. Much like CB radio, the Internet has given a voice to a lot of people who really have nothing to say.

(Here is a picture of my cat, Mittens… here is a picture of my lawnmower… I love Mittens and my lawnmower…blah blah blah). Much like CB radio, the Internet has inspired the creation of a number of TV shows, movies, and music. HOWEVER, where as CB gave us BJ and the Bear, The Dukes of Hazzard, Convoy (both the movie and the song), and a whole slew of Dave Dudley tunes, the Internet has given us The Net (both the show and the movie, Hackers (which I will admit, had some HOT teens), You’ve Got Mail, and at least one really stupid movie with Ryan Philipe (as a programming prostitute with a heart of gold, I think). I can’t think of any songs of the top of my head, but you know there are plenty bad ones. My point is… at least CB went away … the Internet seems here for a good while as a conduit for porn, mass marketing of annoying crap that no one wants (DON”T KNOW THEY WANT YET! I have been informed), and the rantings of millions who should have been weeded out by Darwinism.

So here is my Web page. We’ll see how the blog develops. Maybe I will even set up a nice little email bit so you can tell me that you love me enough to drink Kool Aid. Don’t expect anything earth-shattering, or remotely interesting here. Except for the dancing baby jesus toaster… I hope to have that up shortly.